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Event Marketing

Your company has hit a home run with their new product; this one is GOING to be a winner!  But how do you reach your target audience?  Traditional media, like TV and Radio, is sooooo two thousand and late, and social media doesn't quite deliver the message you need.  That's where experiential marketing can help your customer base experience your product like none other.  Touch, feel, taste and maneuver your product in a way that they can't get elsewhere; that's how our Airstreams can stand out above the rest.  We can hit target markets in weeks, while driving big results for your new or existing product line.  When you use Long Island Airstream Event Rentals, you are sure to win! 


Whether you closed the big deal, or your team needs a great teambuilding event, Long Island Airstream Event Rentals is here to serve. Nothing builds team spirit like fun Airstream adventures, and we have soooooo many to choose from!  Taco and Tequila night?  Absolutely!  Need a friendly Axe Throwing Competition?  We got you.  With so many unique ways we have to rally the office, there isn't anything that is out of scope!  This is the way to celebrate, and bring something unique to your team and office. Don’t settle for anything else; only the Long Island Airstream Event Rentals will do!


Expo Events

Year after year, you set up the same booth, with the same table.

Year after year, you watch as you get passed by.

Year after year, you wish you could garner more attraction.

Yeah, we can help.

When you grab an Airstream from us, and get 'er customized up, your expo booth goes from "meh" to "MUAH".  Hosting the entire expo?  We can bring in Airstreams to distribute food, drink, become a main stage and MORE.

So do better this year; go with Long Island Airstream Event Rentals!

Music Festivals

Yeah, VIPs love us ( Hi there El Presidente!).

Got some big time guests rolling through your festival?  They need a place to fresh up, crash, or hang out overnight?

Then grab one of our sweeeeeet vintage Airstream campers, and watch us we turn that baby into a green room dream.  Let your VIPs feel something for once that they surely can't get anywhere else; let 'em talk about that one time they stayed in a vintage 'stream with Long Island Airstream Event Rentals!

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